Max Aaron is the 2013 US National champion, the 2015 Skate America champion, the three time US International Classic champion, and graduate of the University of Colorado. During his competitive career he trained with Olympic coach Tom Zakrajsek at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Max competed in both hockey and figure skating from the age of 9 until age 16, when he fractured his back. Max was off the ice for a year due to his injury. Following months of therapy, Max decided to focus all of his attention on one sport after being told by his grandfather, “You can be good at two sports, but why not be great at one?”After a disappointing season in 2012 where he finished eighth at his first Senior U.S. Championships, Max almost walked away from the sport after hearing and being told that he would never become a champion nor would he fit in. With his determination to prove those naysayers wrong, and wanting desperately to have two amazing skates when his parents and grandparents were watching, he decided to throw everything he had at the next season. Leaving no stone unturned, he went for it all. Max became the 2013 U.S. Champion and made his first appearance at the World Championships where he finished seventh. He went on to capture a multitude of titles and compete in the 2016 World Championships in Boston MA, where he finished 8th. Following his retirement from competitive skating in 2018, he now resides in Arizona and works in finance and coaches figure skating.